Cyber Bullying GOP Style, Obama Girls Targeted

2014 pardon

The cheesiness of GOP mud slinging just crashed through its own ceiling with Elizabeth Lauten’s searing Facebook attack on the First Couple’s kids, Sasha and Malia Obama. The girls have been criticized for their fashionista dress before but nothing like this! Ms. Lauten pulled out all the stops by causing social media to rear its uglies by criticizing their facial gestures and asserting that the children’s gowns were more appropriate for bar hopping than accompanying the POTUS to the 2014 Annual Turkey Pardoning event hosted this past Thanksgiving Day. The girls were hang’n with their dad as he made the eccentric gestures handed down from President to President since George H.W. Bush formalized the protocol back in 1989. For more background on this strange tradition see the official White House intel page created to enlighten us here.

After a time of prayer and re-reading her Facebook post, Ms. Lauten later apologized and also resigned her position as staff aide to Rep. Stephen Fincher (R) of Tennessee’s 8th Congressional District.

Elizabeth Lauten


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