Ferguson 2014

Social revolutions DO NOT have to be violent.

There are many instances in US history when an individual or a group sponsored a cause that went absolutely viral and stirred up monumental change across American society and beyond. One could argue that the violent brands of public protest have actually delayed progress, reinforced bigotry and multiplied bias.

Top Ten Non Violent Protests (Time.com)


I can definitely say that I would rather be sunbathing on a Florida beach than writing about Ferguson, MO today. On second thought though, I suppose many Floridians, influenced by Winter Storm Cato, are not quite feel’n it today either. It seems that a chill has settled over most of America and whether it’s an extra blanket or some serious soul searching, we are all going to need a few extra comforts to get back that Thanksgiving feel.

To start with, I must stand with Michael Brown’s father, Michael Sr. to oppose all violence in Ferguson and elsewhere. Even though I have strong feelings about the type of justice dealt to Michael Brown Jr., which some have called murder. Even though the Ferguson police department is so obviously biased toward white males and a show of absolute, unadulterated and militarized white power, I can not condone use of violence in response.

Similarly, I denounce the media circus that essentially staged the riots during both periods of destruction around the Ferguson community and that tore apart many more lives than needed to be impacted. Nothing can whip up a riot like a caravan of satellite trucks and news media communications command centers; some resembling small towns can sprout overnight like weeds across an embattled landscape. Feeling empowered by the media, many who might not have otherwise stepped across that line to perpetrate acts of violence will feel obliged to do so. Even so, it is the rioters themselves are the responsible parties whom must own and be held accountable for what has been done.

Even more shameful are those from outside the Ferguson area who were the professional instigators of riotous acts. They prey upon wounded communities by moving in at any particular low point to unleash their sociopathic agendas both from the shadows and while standing behind a bullhorn.

Ferg Protestor 2

Protesters that held their hands to the sky with signs swinging from their necks that read, ‘DON’T SHOOT!’ had the right idea. With just a little creativity and persistence, an iconic image can be created that offers America and the World a view into the cultural rift that exists between the races and that would be effective to call out much needed change.

Instead what we were given, through the actions of a small, poorly organized, militant minority, are dreadful images of hate, destruction and anarchy that only serve to further the problem.

Wikipedia Article:Shooting of Michael Brown


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