The most destructive project on Earth


It’s time to take a stand America. We want a cleaner environment for ourselves and for our children, I know that. But seriously, we all have to grow a spine and take a stand before the oil refineries, NOW! I don’t care what their slick advertisements suggest, the American oil refineries and BIG Oil producers don’t care if we or our children die of cancer; they’ll be laughing all the way to the bank on this one!

Say no to XL Pipeline

Watch this shocking video for more details.

About This Video:
Canada’s Tar Sands is the third-largest proven crude oil reserve in the world behind Saudi Arabia and Venezuela. In 2011 it was believed the reserve amounted to 170.2 billion barrels of oil, or about 11% of total global oil reserves. But the development of Canada’s Oil Sands is concerning environmentalists for several reasons, not least the fact that producing “tar oil”, or “sand oil” as it’s also known, releases three times the volume of greenhouse gas emissions as conventional oil.


Go ahead, spill your guts to the world!

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