It’s Our Party and We’ll Do What We Want!

woman assaulted
Back again, cluttering the pages of our favorite blogs, the familiar angry white-man syndrome is very near to its full winter bloom.

Yes, with empty rhetoric, the enraged GOP politician with his testosterone driven propaganda is nearly complete. He’s moving now to descend on Congress where he is about to fully represent all things Republican in nature. He’s back once again to plague the American culture, an obnoxious and hateful bully by his very nature. Buckle down ladies and gents and prepare for months and perhaps years filled with many toxic shenanigans yet to come.

“We simply can’t go without our crippling addiction to high political drama, it’s those threats of impeachment, the government shut downs, the drill baby drill, burn the environment, burn that President, burn that forest but stay out of my neighborhood mentality maintained by our GOP leaders that will get our blood circulating once again.

And what of this period of economic boom, or this jobs recovery with services expansions that have managed to meet the needs of millions more in America? None of this or that could ever cut the mustard for those who are the true Americans. Our President was Black, for heaven’s sake! We were upside down when that idiot took Office and then we received his heavy dosage of socialism, supported by our lazy minority neighbors, all of whom allowed that vermin and his misguided policies to crawl up America’s bum where they died there!

So now we have a new Congress (Amen?) and it will be our purpose to restore America back to the proud nation it once was, to restore charisma to our political discussions and to reline the pockets of our beloved 1%. By God, we need more consolidation of wealth and to slash those bloody wages, benefits be damned to hell! America is a mostly white, Christian nation that must observe time honored traditions, we must no longer neglect the destiny of our chosen people.

The directions we will take do not include freedoms for gays or lesbians, giving them rights to marry is an absurdity! Likewise, the time has come to cut all sustenance from those benefits sucking seniors. Only the real Americans who work hard for us and who live by our moral code will prosper in this great nation’s future to come. The rest will suffer, you will see, as they should AND without any sympathies or support coming from our party!”

…yada, yada, yada.


Thanks Again America!

Eight states have photo voter ID laws similar to the one struck down in Wisconsin

– A Grandmother Raising Grandchildren in Texas
– An Elderly Man Living Alone in Rural Virginia
– A Low-income Family Living in Rural Mississippi
– An Immigrant Worker Raising A Family in The Land of Opportunity


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