Amazon Is Smoke’n!


I loved the performances found in the 2014 Hand of God Pilot and was blown out by its plot.

A forceful, tough on crime judge finds Jesus as the sparks begin to fly from his head. His wife along for the ride tries to reel him in as gracefully as possible but Judge Pernell isn’t have’n it! Meanwhile his son lies brain-dead in a local hospital, the victim of a self inflicted gunshot wound. It seems he just couldn’t live anymore with the thoughts of his wife’s rapist running loose. And Judge won’t be deterred from a ‘no excuses’ approach to accepting a deadly calling.

Garret Dillahunt’s performance as KD was nothing short of horrific. Nothing can instill so dark a terror as the mission carried out by god’s warrior. No, not even human kind’s best attempt could distract this vengeful messenger sent in the name of death’s valor. KD is looking like the real deal here! I was shaken and delightfully sickened by the image of KD as he sifted through the loosened Earth, throwing his back into digging that grave, his tattooed body illuminated by his vehicle’s headlights; this scene being just one chapter in a city filled with nightmares yet to come.

Dana Delany dragged her open wounds from one side of the set to the other performing Crystal Harris. Her pain seeped through every stress line that showed on her beautiful face. Tommy Day Carey as Detective Warren wore the unapologetic face of raw humiliation against the shamelessness of misguided authority. Julian Morris as the Reverend Paul Curtis fosters a frightening image of a young conman gone minister for all the wrong reasons, a guy who may just end up believing in himself and his shortsighted pseudo-religious vision. I shudder to think how this story-line will eventually come down upon on his head.



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