Democracy – 1, Human Race – 0


The 2014 US Mid-term Election was a magnificent victory for democracy but a monumental fail for humanity.

What if we the people, could set down rules in America to hold political figures or their party representatives to a much higher standard and set policy for how these prospects could operate a campaign in the public’s view? For example, could you imagine a campaign season and election where the political candidates weren’t permitted to speak of their opponents publicly, not even once without facing the prospect of disqualification? Well, they might then lead an uprising, correct?

Excepting revolutions then, all this negative campaigning could be quashed. After-all, the high drama we call American politics serves little more than to create angst or stir a voter’s emotional responses. Our political selection process falls completely short of offering anything resembling a candidate’s positions or that speak to the issues or directions we might be taken were we to cast our votes in any one direction; am I wrong?

In a more perfect world, we would hear only messages from the candidates themselves as they speak of their individual qualifications, their past work experience, their vision, goals and objectives that might propel a nation forward. Would this be so entirely wrong? Could we go even further to hold our media responsible for promulgating half-truths and outright deception?

When discussing with my father, I am reminded that a democratic society permits its political figures and every other citizen to say pretty much whatever they want and relies wholly upon the analytic skills and general intelligence of its masses to determine which platform (or lack thereof) will serve the best interest of an entire population…(or not).

Ultimately, self determination, and nothing more or less rules this land (or doesn’t) and despite the illusion, every other land to boot. NOT – EVEN – GOD, who supposedly reduced mankind’s numbers to just the inhabitants of Noah’s Arc, was able to (or willing to) take away our self determination, ethic or personal morality (or lack thereof). We have always had, or have been given a choice, even if that choice was to surrender our choice.

This surrendering then is the only reasonable explanation I can conjure for the American people to have given up both Chambers of their Congress to a political party that has repeatedly demonstrated the desire to represent the interests of only the very richest Americans.

There truly is no sense to all of this then. Except to say, this is human failure on a massive scale!

From Miriam Webster’s Dictionary:


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