Shin Dong-hyuk: ‘Escape From Camp 14’

A Book Review:

‘Escape From Camp 14’
provides a rare opportunity to look deep inside of North Korea’s harsh political system. Readers are exposed to the many punishments endured by non-conformists who are imprisoned for life and the generations of innocent family members who must pay the price in their wake.

Make a break with Shin who is one of the very few people born inside of North Korea’s notorious Camp 14 who escaped and somehow survived to tell the amazing story. My own reaction to this book or to Shin’s treatment was shock, then tears and of course, unmitigated rage.

I think it’s important to keep these images and stories about the cruelty of North Korea in the forefront of our minds as we come across propaganda offered up by this ruthless regime. In his book, Shin reveals a deeply personal struggle and the nightmare of living with dark images of his family members being murdered or his guilt for having betrayed them.


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