Ebb and Flow

This side of the 2014 US Mid-term Election, I’m grasping to possess something of what I’ve understood to be meaningful, to those simpler yet challenging realities. Learning to recognize these constructs, the way that they’ve always worked for me; indeed, I’ve seen such common ordinary social structures as necessary for everyday life. That is, everyday life WITHOUT monumental strife.

So I’m being vague here. Yes, I know that, and I’m being more than a bit dramatic. For the first time in a very long time I’m in need of a lifeline, I’m hoping to find something in this momentary reflection, something to keep me from drifting away and in the direction of that vast political entropy, that gruesome sludge that re-surfaced as I looked out over today’s horizon.

Comedy, that’s it! You simply have to laugh at it all to get through this next two years.

Republican Insurgence – Expand to Now Include the US Senate

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