You gotta love these two!

Self appointed representatives of the people’s voice, the Koch Sisters scare up a different image than their famous, draconian male counterparts and opposites. They carry a salient message to us ordinary people, the ones who have accepted that they won’t necessarily be making millions or billions anytime soon and therefore won’t be in need of a political scheme that coddles and shelters dark suited meanies who make life unmanageable if not outright impossible for so many around the globe.

Karen and Joyce, (two heroic women) capture a teachable moment when pointing to the problem of having billionaires who spend their time running political campaigns that attempt to screw a few dollars out of the poorest working Americans.

In this next video, Joyce pokes at assumptions made by the ubber wealthy, the ‘rules of the game’ that dictate that the working class should be ruled by those who have mastered the art of hording money and resources.

If we don’t stand up to make our voices heard during political down times (2014 Midterm Elections) then we will be run down by the rich people who want to surge back to positions of power. They won’t give up. They just keep cumming back and will always continue to keep coming back. These monsters have hired legions of politicians and ad men and women to carry a deceptive message on their behalf and a message that serves only their best interests – or so they think.

So get out there and act up this November! Don’t let this one go by without registering your cares and concerns. Let Democracy trump and triumph!

Koch Sisters, I Salute You!


Go ahead, spill your guts to the world!

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