The Face of Rebellion

Kaci Hickox following the advice of her Council, Steven Hyman has decided to wage her very own personal war on humanity by placing her objections to a momentary, partial restriction of her personal freedoms ahead of common sense and the health and safety of the American public. She says she wants to see the science that backs up the notion that medical workers returning from East Africa can spread deadly Ebola virus and that her faith is placed in the effectiveness of self monitoring. What does science have to say about self monitoring?!

I’m sure that many citizens and their loved ones who once lived in Liberia or Guinea and who are now dead, had at one time, thought that they should not be quarantined prior to the large-scale outbreaks of Ebola in their neighborhoods.

Meanwhile our very own poster child for ‘self gone wild’ goes out to ride her bicycle in defiance of a massive public outcry that she remain inside of her home until the 21-day incubation period for her to show symptoms of an Ebola infection has passed. Was that really too much to ask? In my book, a hero is one who acts in the public’s best interests. Ms. Hickox’s behavior causes many Americans to question her motives.

Shame on you Judge Charles LaVerdiere and President Obama for empowering and cosigning this woman’s disgusting behavior and total disregard for public safety! As if quarantines would truly deter the heroes from around the globe from racing in to these infected areas of East Africa; complete nonsense!

Also Important: The Kelly File…


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