The Robust Life


Being an American and being obese is far from being the exception anymore. In fact, the CDC reports that obesity has climbed dramatically in the past 20 years. A full one-third of all Americans now tip the scales in the direction of being ‘overweight,’ that’s up from 23% just 25 years ago in 1989.  Does this mean that a new norm has been established?  Are our healthy kids to be teased and made to feel self-conscious for being too skinny and not fitting in?

Spread through social networks, obesity like cigarettes or alcohol is often triggered by peer pressure.  KIds and teens are watching their school mates swell up and making passive or deliberate decisions about how to fit in based on, ‘It’s cool to be chunky.’  Meanwhile, the local emergency rooms are increasingly overwrought with middle-aged to elderly patients who waddle in with chest pains or are wheeled in as a stroke patient by two big guys in EMS uniforms.

2012 Obesity


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